Minggu, Januari 22, 2012

Personality Quiz!

Last time I came to Mr. Jim's class, he gave us a personality quiz. From this, you can know better about yourself, whether you are an extrovert or an introvert person. The result of this quiz will be a number between 1 to 10. It describes how extrovert or introvert person are you. If your score is 1, then you are a very introvert person, but if you got 10 scored, then you are a very extrovert one.

So, I will write right into the point. The rules is simple, you just need to answer YES or NO to each question. And if you think to answer "maybe", then don't. It isn't valid, guys. To make you sure whether you will answer YES or NO, you must read carefully the sentence. It usually start with the clear question such as; "do you ALWAYS", or "do you USUALLY". So just answer yes and no, remember there is no "Maybe" choice. 

  1. Do you always keep your promises, even it's difficult? (YES/NO)
  2. Do you get bored easily?  (YES/NO)
  3. Do you often laugh out at funny movies?  (YES/NO)
  4. Do you make up your mind quickly about people when you meet them for the first time?  (YES/NO)
  5. Do you usually climb stairs two-at-a-time?  (YES/NO)
  6. Do you like to do puzzle?  (YES/NO)
  7. Do you choose your friend carefully?  (YES/NO)
  8. Do you like to ride on rollercoaster?  (YES/NO)
  9. Do you shout or move around when you're watching a race or an important game?  (YES/NO)
  10. Have you ever bought anything expensive that you have tosave money for a long time to buy?  (YES/NO)
  11. Do you have a bad temper?  (YES/NO)
  12. Are you a procrastinator?  (YES/NO)
  13. Are you a dreamer?  (YES/NO)
  14. Did you accasionally cut school?  (YES/NO)
  15. Do you often rush to get somewhere, even if you have plenty of time?  (YES/NO)
  16. Do you talk a lot when you are with a group of friends or at a party?  (YES/NO)
  17. Will you take almost any dare?  (YES/NO)
  18. Do you like to dance?  (YES/NO)
  19. Do you often exaggerate when you tell your friends about something?  (YES/NO)
  20. Do you get very embrassed if you have to make a speech?  (YES/NO)
  21. Do you have difficulty staying out of trouble?  (YES/NO)
  22. Is it easy for you to talk about your feelings with members of your family?  (YES/NO)
  23. Have you ever pretended to be sick to avoid a bad day at school or work?  (YES/NO)
  24. Do you like to organize parties and get together with your friends?  (YES/NO)
  25. Is it easy for you to make friends with members of the opposite sex?  (YES/NO)
  26. Do you avoid crowds?  (YES/NO)
  27. Do you often think about something so hard that you forget what's going on around you?  (YES/NO)
  28. Are you shy?  (YES/NO)
  29. Can you keep a secret?  (YES/NO)
  30. Are you easily moved by a sad movie?  (YES/NO)
  31. Do you often spend an evening reading a book for fun?  (YES/NO)
  32. Do you often get in trouble because you do things without thingking them through?  (YES/NO)
  33. Do you usually eat faster tahn your friends?  (YES/NO)
  34. Do you walk faster than your friends?  (YES/NO)
  35.  Do you enjoy spending long periods of time alone?  (YES/NO)
  36. Do you like to doing things with your hands all the time, even when you're watching TV?  (YES/NO)
  37. Are you usually early for appoinments?  (YES/NO)
  38. Do you enjoy planning ahead?  (YES/NO)
  39. Do you often think about God or how human being were created?  (YES/NO)
  40. Are you involved in many spare-time activities?  (YES/NO)

After counted how many YES on each question, write it down and keep it. THEN, you should notice that question number 1, 6, 7, 10, 13, 20, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31, 35, 36, 37 and 39 is a special questions. They value is MINUS TWO to your score before. So the formula is like this:

Well, if your score is between 1 to 4, then you are an introvert person. It level is different according to the number you get. (1) for very inrovert person, and ranged to (4), not-so-introvert. And if you get 6 to 10 for your score, then you are an extrovert person. Same as I explained before, It level is different according to the number you get. (6) for not-so extrovert person, and ranged to (10),very extrovert.

Explanation for an introvert person:
Introvert person usually a shy one and like to be alone. They have a good intrapersonal intellegency, which is means that they can make a good deep think for themself. An introvert person usually doesn't like crowd. Yoga and meditation is good for them.

Explanation for an extrovert person:
Otherwise, an extrovert person is very sociable and like to make new friends. They love to meet new people and talkactive. They enjoy to be a center of a community.

So, how much your score, and what kind of person are you? 

7 komentar:

  1. i got a minus score, that is -7 :( how pathetic i am

  2. Sorry, i made a mistake in counting the score. I got 4 :D wooohooo !

  3. so, most of you are introvert person..? Hmmm, can you believe that Ive got 10?? super extrovert, huh? Emang gue segitunyah yaa.. -_-

  4. Saya termasuk yang mana ya? :)

    Rahasia ahh ...

  5. im introvert one, oh :O nice quiz by the way :D thanks for share~


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