Sabtu, Desember 15, 2012

Times Goes By

So, my office just shared a bunch of 2013 calendar to its relations, customers, and employees. This thing suddenly wakes me up that year 2012 is going to meet its end. And, ohlala! I'm getting older!
I think my life accelerates fast since I'm graduated. I start to think about careers, marriage, pregnancy, and  parenting. I start to wonder about how to make money, how to be a great wife, and how will i spend my future. So many things complicated in my mind. I really need to start my life.
In another new years before, i didn't have any resolution like some people did. I just go with the flow and hoping everything will going well. I think from now, i should have resolution myself. Reminds me to make a resolution list on the next post ;)
Btw, even that marriage thingy will not be in my 2013 resolution list (its too early!), but i still busy comparing one wedding organizer to another. LOL me, but i love to do this. Comparing wedding dresses, photographs, and food in every wedding reception is my new hobby :D

1 komentar:

  1. gambarnya kurang di putar 90 derajat neh.sakit leher lihatnya. :-P. but I did agree with you about marriage. love is blind and marriage restored its sight. :-)


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